Merge Two Sorted Linked Lists

Merge Two Sorted Linked List

Reverse a Linked List

Reverse a linked list using both a recursive and iterative approach.

Book of the Week 1 – The Creator’s Code

Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs by Amy Wilkinson. A review of an essential guide to becoming an entrepreneur.

Day of Code 6: Creating New AWS Websites

In this day of coding tutorial, we take a look at creating new was websites using Wordpress and AWS EC2 Instances. Specifically Route 53, DNS, and Domains.

Day of Code 5: How to Add Facebook Sharing

The sixth day of coding for an hour. In this article, I show how to add Social Media share buttons. The most complicated one to add is the Facebook share button which has optional meta tags to optimize the shared content. We use Wordpress Theme Customization API toast the default values for the Facebook Open Graph meta tags.

AWS Tutorials 1: How to Setup EC2 LAMP Instances

In this second installation of Amazon Web Services Tutorials we are going to learn about the EC2 service and how to setup EC2 LAMP instances.

Day of Code 4: Featured Images

The fifth day coding: Fixed my post titles to make them more responsive, added the ability to increment a view count, and added featured images.

Day of Code 3: Image Modal Popups

The fourth day coding. Added image popovers; now the links no longer take you to the new page.

Day of Code 2: Custom Coding Tags

The third day coding. Solved three rather simple problems: fixed my default menus, made my images responsive, and moved my code from gist to in-house.

Day of Code 1: Adding WordPress Customization Options

The second day coding. Yesterday while I was moving my database to my RDS instance I also made some minor updates to my Wordpress theme. One of them was hardcoding in my social media links. I decided it would be easier and cooler to have them be an option on my Theme’s Customization page.

Day of Code 0: Setting up an AWS RDS

I decide it was finally the right time to start my 100 days of coding challenge. This is day one, where I finally fix the deadly “Error Connecting to Database” message that has been appearing on my blog’s EC2 instance by moving my Database server to an RDS instance.